Pfc. Kevin Carroll Hanley

United States Marine Corps


Quang Nam Province, SVN

September 11, 1949 - September 17, 1968

Kevin Carroll Hanley

"A Place To Honor Our Local Hero"

Pfc. Kevin C Hanley

U.S. Marine Corps Yearbook

Courtesy of Kevin's Sister Colleen

Bravo Co.
1St Btn
5th Marines
3rd MAF

Patriotism Is Honoring Those Who Are Patriots. Pfc. Kevin C Hanley Is One.

Biography Of Kevin C Hanley

Kevin Hanley was born on September 11, 1949 to James P and Eileen (West) Hanley. Born in Providence, R.I., he lived with his family in the Edgewood section of Cranston, Rhode Island. During his youth, Keven played Little League Baseball as an outfielder. His team was sponsored by the "Miami Diner" in Cranston. Kevin also played football with the Edgewood Eagles and hocky for the Edgewood Hockey Association. He was also a delivery boy for the Providence Journal newspaper in Providence where his father was a type setter.
Kevin attended the Cranston School system. Although the elementary school is unknown since I never knew Kevin before grade 7, he attended Park View Junior High School in Cranston and Cranston High School East. In September 1967 after turning 18, Kevin enlisted into The United States Marine Corp. He did his basic training at Parris Island and Infantry training at Camp Jajeune. He performed jungle warfare training at Camp Gonsalves in Okinawa, Japan prior to deployment in Quang Nam province, South Vietnam in June 1968. Kevin earned the rank of Private First Class (E2) with an MOS of rifleman.
While on dudy, Kevin sustained head wounds from shrapnell fragments as the result of a mortar explosion. The incident was recorded on August 30, 1968. Kevin died of his wounds in a field hospital on September 17, 1968 only six days after his 19th birthday. Besides his parents and grandparents, Kevin is survived by four sisters and three brothers.
The body of Kevin Hanley was returned home for burial at St. Anne's Cemetery in Cranston, Rhode Island on September 27, 1968. In his honor, a monument was erected in the neighborhood where Kevin grew up at the interesction of Roger Williams Cir. and Mayflower Drive in our city.
Those who knew Kevin Hanley and who wish to add details to his biography can use the guest book option on the bottom of this page. Any personal insights into the life of our U.S. Marine and beloved friend would be greatly appreciated .

Veteran's Pages & Honor Roll

Out of respect to Pfc. Kevin Hanley, the honor roll is open to ALL U.S. and NATO Veterans of ALL conflicts. From the Veteran's home Page, click on menu item "Sponsor A Vet". It is free and as editor, it would be my privilege to create a Memorial Tile.

Why We Built This Memorial

Kevin Hanley was my classmate from 1962 until he left high school in 1967 to enlist in The United States Marine Corps. Arriving in Vietnam in the Province of Quang Nam in the spring of 1968, he was involved in many of the TET counteroffensive efforts. Kevin was severely wounded on August 30, 1968 while engaging the enemy. He suffered severe head wounds from a fragmentation device. He remained hospitalized in Vietnam and died of his wounds on Septer 17, 1968. He died 6 days after his 19th birthday
This memorial was built to fullfill an obligation to never forget the sacrifice Kevin made on behalf of all of us. I am honored to have been given the oportunity to honor my classmate and friend in a way that I hope is worthy of his likeness and name.

How To Help Build This Memorial

An effort is underway to expand this memorial with images of Kevin Hanley in both his pre military life as well as his life in the Corps. Stories and memories are always welcomed. Those who served with Kevin are invited and encouraged to submit stories and pictures from his various stages of training as well as his deployment in Vietnam

This memorial as well as the memorial for Marine Pfc. Donald Elliott will never be complete. These special places will continue to grow and evolve into a powefull reminder of the lives lost due to war. Equally it is a powerfull reminder of the wonderful times shared with our friends before they were taken far too soon. There will always be the what if's. What would Kevin have done upon his return home. Questions like that can never be answered. what we can do is celebrate his life being mindful of his death. For the 5 years I knew Kevin, I am gratefull for them.

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