Pfc. Kevin Carroll Hanley

United States Marine Corps


Quang Nam Province, SVN

September 11, 1949 - September 17, 1968

Kevin Carroll Hanley

"A Place To Honor Our Local Hero"

Pfc. Kevin C Hanley

U.S. Marine Corps Yearbook

Courtesy of Kevin's Sister Colleen

Bravo Co.
1St Btn
5th Marines
3rd MAF

Patriotism Is Honoring Those Who Are Patriots. Pfc. Kevin C Hanley Is One.

Happy Birthday My Friend.
Larry(Friend & Classmate)
I grew up with Colleen and the Hanleys. I remember the day Kevin enlisted as well as the day he was wounded and died,it was a terrible blow to their family, my family and the whole community. He was a wonderful person,whose life was cut short before it really got started. I thank Kevin for his ultimate service to our country.We love you and miss you, may you rest in peace with the rest of our heros.
Cheryl (Family Friend)
Semper Fi
Cpl. Tom Gillan, KG3Z(United States Marine)
The Shadows Of Heroes

Most of my life I walked in the sunshine.
Now I walk in the shadows of Heroes.
Those heroes in my life are now gone
yet their shadows still remain.
It is in their shadows I will walk.
Since they can no longer speak.
I will be their voice.
Although they can no longer see,
I will be their eyes.
While they can no longer cry,
I will shed their tears.
Since they are now defenseless,
I will be their defender.
I will forever keep a close vigil over their memories.
I will protect their legacy as if my own.
I am honored to walk in the shadows of my heroes
all the while feeling the warmth of their presence.

Author: Lawrence Michael celani, Memorial Day 2014
To you Kevin and to mt dad and Donnie as well as the other heroes in my life
I promise To Never Forget You

The Text
Saw This Man Across The Coffee Shop,
Whom Before I Had Never Met.
I Read The Cap He Was Wearing.
It Said He Was A Vietnam Vet.
So I walked Up To Him And Said
"I Would Like To Talk To You About Your Hat".
He Said "I've Been To War Son,
What Do You Know About That?"
I Replied With All Due Respect,
"I'm Not Knocking What You've Been Through,
I'm Simply Here To Extend My Hand,
And Offer A Simple Thank You."
"I Was Just A Little Kid When You Came Home.
Now I Am All Grown Up.
I Am Giving You The Respect You Were Never Shown."
Why Is He Telling Us This,
You Might Be Asking Yourself.
I Appreciate Those Who Protected Me.
I Didn't Forget About Them On Some Shelf.
Some Came Home, Others Died.
Some Are Still MIA.
I Appreciate Every One Of Them
For The Freedom I Have Today.
It Didn't Matter To Me
Which War They Had To Fight.
I Thank Every Veteran I Meet.
Because Of Them, I have That Right.
© RIGrayWolf Russell Pescatore
June 13, 2014
You will never be forgotten along with all the others that was there in 1969
Jim Richardson, Oklahoma
This Marine is my uncle that I did not have the opportunity to meet in life but will always be my hero !
Growing up there was never a family gathering that Kevin was not mentioned and to this day his family speaks proudly of him ! As a child I would ask my mom Elan many questions about Kevin and she would tell me what a great brother,son and Marine Kevin was until I would fall asleep.
I thank you and Colleen so much for continuing to remember my hero.
Kevin an another Marine that I grew up with inspired me to defend our country and I enlisted in the Army.
Kevin's Nephew John P.
I think of you and Donnie most every day but on days like today, I find myself overwhelmed by the sacrifice you made. It was hard to understand "The Ultimate Sacrifice" at 18 when you made it. Now at close to 63 and having lived my life, that sacrifice you made so long ago is hard for me to grasp. As I now understand what you sacrificed from my life experiences, I only can honor you more. Thank You don't ever seem to be enough to show my love for you as my friend and the sacrifice you made at such a young age, but I know you understand how I feel.
Larry C
Kevin would be honored knowing his life and sacrifice has been so beautifully acknowledged. Our family keeps Kevin's memory alive with laughter of his unique personality and sense of humor. I miss him everyday.
My children and grandchildren know that their Uncle Kevin is alive in spirit and very much a part of their heritage.
Colleen (Kevin's sister)
Although many years have passed, I think often of how short life really is. It was an honor to have been just a small part of your life, but I must tell you that you have been a large part of mine. I've tried to share the honor, dedication and sacrifice you stood for in how I raised my sons. God Bless you my friend and God Bless your entire family.
Brian Dupont (Childhood Friend)
It is an honor to post to Kevin Hanley's memorial .My time with Kevin like all that new Kevin was all to brief. I would like to share when Kevin and I played little league baseball at Fay Field we were both on the same team, Miami Diner. Kevin played right field and I played center and we use to joke and laugh when we were on the field, yelling at the opposing team's batter "swing batter" sometimes we where pretty successful.,/br. I lost touch with Kevin from those years forward but we met just prior to Kevin joining the Marines, we shared little league talk and small talk of the day it was good to see an old friend. I have been blessed to know a true American hero and a good kid and I will always be grateful to Kevin for serving his country. Kevin I love you and salute you always.God bless you always and your family
Steve Degnan (Childhood Friend)

Why We Built This Memorial

Kevin Hanley was my classmate from 1962 until he left high school in 1967 to enlist in The United States Marine Corps. Arriving in Vietnam in the Province of Quang Nam in the spring of 1968, he was involved in many of the TET counteroffensive efforts. Kevin was severely wounded on August 30, 1968 while engaging the enemy. He suffered severe head wounds from a fragmentation device. He remained hospitalized in Vietnam and died of his wounds on Septer 17, 1968. He died 6 days after his 19th birthday
This memorial was built to fullfill an obligation to never forget the sacrifice Kevin made on behalf of all of us. I am honored to have been given the oportunity to honor my classmate and friend in a way that I hope is worthy of his likeness and name.

Veteran's Pages & Honor Roll

Out of respect to Pfc. Kevin Hanley, the honor roll is open to ALL U.S. and NATO Veterans of ALL conflicts. From the Veteran's home Page, click on menu item "Sponsor A Vet". It is free and as editor, it would be my privilege to create a Memorial Tile.

How To Help Build This Memorial

An effort is underway to expand this memorial with images of Kevin Hanley in both his pre military life as well as his life in the Corps. Stories and memories are always welcomed. Those who served with Kevin are invited and encouraged to submit stories and pictures from his various stages of training as well as his deployment in Vietnam

This memorial as well as the memorial for Marine Pfc. Donald Elliott will never be complete. These special places will continue to grow and evolve into a powefull reminder of the lives lost due to war. Equally it is a powerfull reminder of the wonderful times shared with our friends before they were taken far too soon. There will always be the what if's. What would Kevin have done upon his return home. Questions like that can never be answered. what we can do is celebrate his life being mindful of his death. For the 5 years I knew Kevin, I am gratefull for them.

From The Author

Lawrence Michael Celani

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